The more information a decision maker has, the more effective they will be at solving problems, overcoming challenges, and maximizing efficiency with limited resources.

Magellan Strategies provides survey research, predictive data modeling and voter data analysis services to political campaigns, campaign organizations, as well as government and public affairs clients so they can make better decisions in the political and government affairs arena. We help political and public affairs clients win candidate and issue campaigns, using data-driven methods to educate and inform voters, public opinion, office holders, and influential stakeholders.

Magellan Strategies products and services are designed to help our clients solve problems, from measuring and understanding public and voter opinion, to crafting impactful and effective messaging. We empower our clients with high quality modeled data, so they can improve, strengthen and refine their targeting strategies. Everything we do has the client in mind, so they are in a better position to win a campaign, a government affairs effort, or shape and influence public opinion.

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Magellan has been a trusted partner throughout the years. We have used many of their services because their quality is outstanding and their customer service is great. We’ve used their polling capabilities quite often and have found them to be highly accurate and useful.
Jeff Crank, Americans for Prosperity
Magellan’s survey research and data processing services have been invaluable to me and the campaigns on which I’ve worked. They not only provide reliable and accurate products and services, but their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend the Magellan team.
Alan Philp, Partner, CAP Public Affairs