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David Flaherty is CEO and founder of Magellan Strategies. He is a pollster, data miner, master of political data, campaign consultant and strategist. David has been in the business of campaigns, politics, survey research, predictive data modeling and political data analysis since 1992. Prior to forming Magellan Strategies in Colorado at the end 2006, David worked in Washington DC for 14 years at the Republican National Committee, Americans for Prosperity and the US House of Representatives. David’s 25 year career path has taught him the art of political data analysis, survey research, focus group research, and campaign management. David has consulted more than 75 political and grassroots campaigns across the country. He is an expert in applying survey research, Census and political data demography, GIS and redistricting technology, and statistical and predictive analysis to make better decisions in the political, government and public affairs arenas. David is a 1991 graduate of the University of Delaware and resides in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife Jennifer and their two sons Jack and Bobby.

Democratic Legislative Candidate Highlights Issue of Family Safety and Security

Last Sunday I came home from picking my kids up from camp and found a palm card on my doorstep from a Democratic legislative candidate. It always surprises me when a Democratic candidate leaves something at our house or knocks on our door because my wife and I are Republican Primary voters.  The political pollster [...]

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Democrats Outpace Republicans by 11,000 Among New Registrants in Colorado

From November of 2006 to November of 2008, the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party and Democrat-leaning organizations executed a voter registration drive that yielded huge gains for Democratic registration in Colorado. With 60 field offices, nearly unlimited financial resources, a once-in-a-lifetime candidate and the perfect anti-Republican environment, 151,310 Democrats were added to voter rolls. Unaffiliated [...]

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The 610,223 Inactive Voters of Colorado: Younger and Unaffiliated

One underreported aspect of the upcoming Presidential election here in Colorado is the impact of the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act. This law was enacted in 2013, so it’s not exactly new, but this is the first time that a Presidential election will be taking place since the law took effect. [...]

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Why Some Pollsters Get it Wrong

In an uncertain election cycle like 2016, political pollsters are putting forth their best efforts to accurately predict the outcome of elections across the country, including a volatile and unpredictable Presidential race. However, not all political polls will be correct for a myriad of reasons. Why exactly are some polls better [...]

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Republicans Hate Republicans – It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

This post is our last data release from a Survey of likely Republican Primary voters in CO that was fielded on April 5th and 6th (margin of error +/- 3.97%).  To reiterate, Magellan Strategies fielded this survey with our own resources and it was not paid for by any candidate, campaign, committee, [...]

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What Kind of Sample is Best for a Voter Opinion Survey?

Random Digit Dialing vs. List Based Voter Sample It's not an uncommon question, exactly how do pollsters and obtain telephone numbers or sample for their voter opinion surveys?  We are glad you asked. For a telephone survey, there are two primary methods that are widely used. One method is called random digit dialing, or [...]

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The Donald Trump Effect: Cleveland Decisions and Impacts to GOP Turnout in November

This post is a continuation of our data release from a survey of likely Republican Primary voters in CO that was fielded on April 5th and 6th (margin of error +/- 3.97%).  To reiterate, Magellan Strategies fielded this survey with our own resources and it was not paid for by any candidate, [...]

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The Donald Trump Effect: Not a Politician and Dominating on Immigration

Here at Magellan Strategies we strive to generate research projects that are not only interesting, but more importantly are relevant to our clients. For our clients here in Colorado, there is very little public research focused on how likely Republican Primary voters view the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. For our [...]

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The GOP’s Challenges Among Younger Voters in Colorado

Lost amid the day-to-day media coverage of the chaotic battle for the Republican Presidential nomination, and the latest activities of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is an important shift in Colorado’s voter registration trends that will likely have profound implications for the 2016 election cycle and beyond. Simply put, younger voters are choosing to distance themselves from [...]

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How Do You Get Conservatives to Pass a Tax Increase?

On November 3rd a remarkable thing happened that most political observers in Colorado would not have believed, the fiscally conservative voters of Colorado Springs overwhelmingly voted for a .62% sales tax increase, 65% to 35%. The sales tax is expected to raise $250 million over the next five years strictly for road repairs. When [...]

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