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Are Colorado Republicans Going to Vote This November?

What's the million dollar question for Colorado political pundits, reporters, campaign professionals and pollsters this election cycle?  If you ask the team here at Magellan Strategies it is ... drum roll please ... How many Colorado Republicans will turnout to vote this November? That's right, how many registered Republicans will decide to hang in there, bite [...]

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The Huge Benefits of Using Modeled Voter Data

Using modeled voter data to target voters can provide huge benefits and advantages for a political campaign. If you have ever managed or worked on a political campaign it is likely you had to make decisions about voter targeting. In other words, what voters should receive the candidate's first biography mail piece? What voters should [...]

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4 Things Every Ballot Initiative Should Have to Win Voter Approval

The Colorado Constitution contains a provision called the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, or "TABOR", which requires state, local and county governments to obtain voter approval to issue bonds (increase debt), increase a mill levy or a sales tax. Basically any time a government wishes to raise revenue for any purpose they are required to [...]

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Want to Court the Unaffiliated Colorado Female Voter? The Official Guide is Here!

With the Republican Convention in full swing and the Democratic Convention on the horizon, political advertisements will soon be unleashed in full force. Anywhere you might be influenced, you can guarantee that candidates will  seek to influence your vote.  Their appeals and advertisements will vary from encouragement to vote, to amazing candidate biographies to stances [...]

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Democratic Legislative Candidate Highlights Issue of Family Safety and Security

Last Sunday I came home from picking my kids up from camp and found a palm card on my doorstep from a Democratic legislative candidate. It always surprises me when a Democratic candidate leaves something at our house or knocks on our door because my wife and I are Republican Primary voters.  The political pollster [...]

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