A Trump District, Explained

Of all the different angles we can take in analyzing the 2016 presidential vote and the election of Donald Trump, one of the more interesting is to drill down to the level of our 435 Congressional Districts. This allows us to see not only the areas where the 2016 presidential outcome was substantially different [...]

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Is It Finally Time for a Colorado Democratic Party Battle?

Over the past few episodes of our podcast we’ve discussed the women’s marches and the anti-Trump sentiment sweeping across the country, and tried to work out what implications the energy displayed in those marches will have for electoral politics in the midterm elections of 2018. In a lot of ways, it is still far [...]

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Why Didn’t Donald Trump Win Colorado?

2016 Presidential Election Results by County When examining the outlook for our local political parties, there is too often a tendency to “nationalize” our perspective. For example, many Colorado Republicans will savor the moment as Donald Trump gives his Inaugural address, because whatever their personal feelings toward him before and even after [...]

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