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There is Hope for Voter Opinion Research Using Facebook

Voter Opinion Research Using Facebook Has Great Potential If you are a likely voter who happens to be 44 or younger, I implore you to participate in my telephone survey. Unfortunately for me, I know that only 1 in 10 of you are likely to say yes. If you would rather not have me [...]

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Automated Voice Recorded Voter Opinion Surveys: The Good and The Bad

Political candidates, campaign professionals, political observers and the media refer to automated voice recorded surveys in many different ways. These include "IVR (interactive voice recorded) survey", "flash poll", "robo-poll", or a "push-button poll". These connotations do not exactly inspire trust and confidence in the survey method to measure voter opinion accurately. However, as a [...]

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The Truth: Why Online Sample Sucks for Voter Opinion Surveys

As a political pollster I often get asked by clients and the media if Magellan Strategies uses online sample for voter opinion surveys. This is a very good question, and shows that people are aware of the rapid decline of voter households with a landline telephone, and the growth of "cell phone only" or "cell [...]

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Why Some Pollsters Get it Wrong

In an uncertain election cycle like 2016, political pollsters are putting forth their best efforts to accurately predict the outcome of elections across the country, including a volatile and unpredictable Presidential race. However, not all political polls will be correct for a myriad of reasons. Why exactly are some polls better [...]

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What Kind of Sample is Best for a Voter Opinion Survey?

Random Digit Dialing vs. List Based Voter Sample It's not an uncommon question, exactly how do pollsters and obtain telephone numbers or sample for their voter opinion surveys?  We are glad you asked. For a telephone survey, there are two primary methods that are widely used. One method is called random digit dialing, or [...]

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