Episode 12: The Top 10 Issues Facing the Colorado Legislature in 2017

In this episode, we discuss the top 10 issues facing the Colorado legislature in 2017. For this show we reference an article in the Denver Post, “The Top 10 Issues Facing Colorado Lawmakers in the 2017 Session”, published January 8th by Brian Eason and John Frank. Segment #1 - The Trump Effect Will [...]

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Episode 11: Colorado 2016 Post Election Highlights and Looking Ahead to 2017

In this episode, we discuss our findings from a 500n post-election survey of unaffiliated voters and what to expect in the early part of 2017. Segment #1 – Discussing Our 500n Colorado Post Election Survey of Unaffiliated Voters Among voters 44 and younger who tend to vote for Democratic candidates, human rights, civil [...]

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Episode 10: Reviewing Voter Registration & Voter Turnout Trends in Colorado

In this episode, we discuss the evolving Democrat strategy to stop the Trump Administration’s agenda. Segment #1 – Voter Registration Trends in Colorado From December 1st, 2015 to December 1st 2016, voter registration increased by 324,153. Among those registered voters, 40% identified as Democrat, 28% as unaffiliated, 26% as Republican and 6% with a [...]

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Episode 9: The Democrat Strategy to Stop the Trump Administration

In this episode, we discuss the evolving Democrat strategy to stop the Trump Administration’s agenda. Segment #1 – What is Being Reported by Media About Democrat Soul Searching Democrats have lost the support of traditional working families Donald Trump talked more about the struggling economy and how to fix it New York Times Article [...]

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Episode 8: What Happened in Colorado?

In this episode we discuss the election results in Colorado and give our thoughts on politics in our home state. Segment #1 – Turnout in Colorado What did turnout look like in Colorado? Was it substantially different from 2012? Why didn’t Colorado “ride the Trump wave”? Segment #2 – State of the Political Parties [...]

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Episode 7: What a Recount Means and Where the Polls Went Wrong

In this episode we discuss what really happens during a recount, and then try to give at least some explanation for what happened with political polling this year and why very few were predicting a victory for Donald Trump. Segment #1 – Recounts What does a recount mean? What does the process look like? [...]

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Episode 5: Election Day Predictions and Voting Trends

In this episode Courtney, Ryan and David make their Election Day predictions for president and ballot issues and comment on early voting trends in Colorado. Who will win Colorado and by how much? Using data, who will win nationally and why? Colorado ballot issues: right to die, minimum wage, Raise the Bar Don't forget to [...]

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Episode 4: Colorado Early Voting Trends and the Election

In this episode we discuss early voting data, how to analyze it, what we are seeing this cycle compared to other historical trends. We also talk about some polling that was released and our general thoughts on where voter opinion is going. Segment #1: What Does our Latest Ballot Return Report Show Ballot Report: [...]

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Episode 3: Republican Party Challenges Attracting New Voters and the Final Presidential Debate

In this episode the team discusses the data and trends behind the decline of voters identifying with the Republican Party, why we think this is happening and our thoughts on the final presidential debate. This includes taking a look at the raw numbers for the Republican Party, exploring why exactly voters are leaving the [...]

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