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A Trump District, Explained

Of all the different angles we can take in analyzing the 2016 presidential vote and the election of Donald Trump, one of the more interesting is to drill down to the level of our 435 Congressional Districts. This allows us to see not only the areas where the 2016 presidential outcome was substantially different [...]

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Election Day Turnout in Colorado, What Will the Vote Look Like?

What Will Voter Turnout in Colorado Look Like on Election Day? This blog post provides demographic turnout information on Election Day from the 2012, 2014 and 2008 election cycles in Colorado. Although we are about to have our first Presidential Election Day as an all-mail-ballot state, we think Colorado Election Day voter trends will [...]

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What Will Colorado Election Day Turnout Look Like?

How Many People Are Going to Vote in Colorado on Election Day? Colorado voters are returning their ballots at a strong pace. Today the overall count of ballots returned exceeded 1 million, and 120,634 more ballots have been returned compared to the same time in 2012. Democrats have also maintained their lead over Republicans [...]

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Colorado Senate Districts 19 and 26 Ballot Return Reports

Click Here to Download Senate District 19 Returned Ballot Report for Oct. 28th Click Here to Download Senate District 26 Returned Ballot Report for Oct. 28th Quick Analysis of Colorado Senate District 19 Ballot Returns as of October 28th Colorado Democrats and Republicans are locked into a fierce battle [...]

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Final Colorado 2016 Returned Ballot Report Nov 9th

Download Final Colorado Returned Ballot Report Nov 9th, 2016 A Final Review of Colorado Ballot Returns on November 9th I think it is safe to say we are not the only ones in total shock this morning in Colorado. We will be saving our breath on providing analysis of Colorado's results until [...]

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Are Colorado Republicans Going to Vote This November?

What's the million dollar question for Colorado political pundits, reporters, campaign professionals and pollsters this election cycle?  If you ask the team here at Magellan Strategies it is ... drum roll please ... How many Colorado Republicans will turnout to vote this November? That's right, how many registered Republicans will decide to hang in there, bite [...]

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Democrats Outpace Republicans by 11,000 Among New Registrants in Colorado

From November of 2006 to November of 2008, the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party and Democrat-leaning organizations executed a voter registration drive that yielded huge gains for Democratic registration in Colorado. With 60 field offices, nearly unlimited financial resources, a once-in-a-lifetime candidate and the perfect anti-Republican environment, 151,310 Democrats were added to voter rolls. Unaffiliated [...]

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The 610,223 Inactive Voters of Colorado: Younger and Unaffiliated

One underreported aspect of the upcoming Presidential election here in Colorado is the impact of the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act. This law was enacted in 2013, so it’s not exactly new, but this is the first time that a Presidential election will be taking place since the law took effect. [...]

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The GOP’s Challenges Among Younger Voters in Colorado

Lost amid the day-to-day media coverage of the chaotic battle for the Republican Presidential nomination, and the latest activities of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is an important shift in Colorado’s voter registration trends that will likely have profound implications for the 2016 election cycle and beyond. Simply put, younger voters are choosing to distance themselves from [...]

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