Episode 4: Colorado Early Voting Trends and the Election

In this episode we discuss early voting data, how to analyze it, what we are seeing this cycle compared to other historical trends. We also talk about some polling that was released and our general thoughts on where voter opinion is going.

Segment #1: What Does our Latest Ballot Return Report Show

  • Ballot Report: 701,062 ballots returned
  • Democrats have a lead of 28,584 ballots returned.
  • What are campaigns doing right now with 11 days to go?

Segment #2: Where Do We Think the Election is Going for GOP Candidates

  • Is Donald Trump improving or sinking?
  • Are U.S. Senate Republican candidates going to survive?
  • What impact will lower Republican turnout have on legislative races in Colorado and the statewide ballot initiatives?

Segment #3: Thoughts About What the GOP Will Look Like After the Election

  • Is it Trump’s Party?
  • Where do moderate Republicans go?
  • Will there be any backlash from the losses?
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