Episode 11: Colorado 2016 Post Election Highlights and Looking Ahead to 2017

In this episode, we discuss our findings from a 500n post-election survey of unaffiliated voters and what to expect in the early part of 2017.

Segment #1 – Discussing Our 500n Colorado Post Election Survey of Unaffiliated Voters

  • Among voters 44 and younger who tend to vote for Democratic candidates, human rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, abortion rights, the cost of education and the environment were the most important issues. Older Democrat-leaning voters cared more about climate change, immigration reform, jobs and healthcare. Republican-leaning voters cared about immigration, securing our borders, gun rights, jobs and the economy, national security and healthcare.
  • Overall, only 37% of respondents were satisfied and 59% were unsatisfied with their choices for President. Additionally, younger, Democrat-leaning voters were very unsatisfied with their choices for President. Among Hillary Clinton voters, 75% were unsatisfied with their choices, compared to only 28% of Donald Trump supporters who were unsatisfied with their choices.
  • Among all respondents, 35% voted for Hillary Clinton, 30% for Donald Trump, 8% for Gary Johnson, 3% for Jill Stein, 9% for some other candidate, 2% did not vote for President and 13% either refused to answer the question or did not remember. Hillary Clinton’s win margin among unaffiliated voters is very close to her overall win margin in the state of 4.9%. (as of Dec. 6th)
  • A clear majority of unaffiliated voters are uncomfortable with the size and role of the federal government. Among all respondents, 66% believe that the federal government has too much control and 62% believe that the federal government’s role in people’s lives has gotten out of control and needs to be reduced. Also, 61% believe that the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.
  • Hillary Clinton’s supporters voted for her because of her experience, qualifications and knowledge of government and world affairs. They also voted for her because they were afraid of Donald Trump, repelled by his comments, and they believed he was a loose cannon.
  • Donald Trump’s supporters voted for him foremost because he was not a politician, he was not part of the “establishment” (Hillary Clinton was), he was a successful businessman and he was perceived as being able to bring true change to Washington and the country. 

Segment #2 – We Are All in Donald Trump’s Hands Now

  • David and Courtney discuss the anticipated policy agenda for the new Republican majority and Donald Trump in Washington.
  • David and Courtney discuss the stupidity of the Republican majority attempting to weaken the powers of the U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Office on day one and the damage it will cause the Republican Party’s image.


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