Episode 9: The Democrat Strategy to Stop the Trump Administration

In this episode, we discuss the evolving Democrat strategy to stop the Trump Administration’s agenda.

Segment #1 – What is Being Reported by Media About Democrat Soul Searching

  • Democrats have lost the support of traditional working families
  • Donald Trump talked more about the struggling economy and how to fix it

New York Times Article reference: Democrats Hone a New Message: It’s the Economy, Everyone by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin

Time Magazine article reference: Inside Democrats’ Plan to Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game by Sam Frizell

Segment #2 – What Policy Proposals Should Democrats Oppose?

This segment discusses anticipated policy proposals and reforms that Donald Trump will need to work with Congress, which ones he will not need Congress, and ones that he may need Congress.

New York Times article reference: Trump to Fulfill His 100-Day Plan by Larry Buchanan, Alicia Parlapiano and Karen Yourish, Nov. 21, 2016

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