Episode 6: He Actually Won?!

In this episode we discuss the biggest surprise in American politics since Harry Truman beat Thomas Dewey for the Presidency in 1948.

Segment #1 – Donald Trump Shocked the World and Got It Done

  • Why did Donald Trump win?
  • Were there changes to voter turnout compared to 2012?
  • Was Donald Trump the reason the Republicans held onto the US Senate?

Segment #2 What Does the Democrat Party do to Regroup?

  • Who is now the head of the Democrat Party?
  • What are their chances of rebounding in 2018?
  • Are there silver linings for the Democrats that are not apparent yet?

Segment #3 Thoughts About What the GOP Stands for Moving Forward

  • Is it Trump’s Party?
  • Where do moderate Republicans go?
  • How should Republicans position themselves in future primaries?

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