Episode 7: What a Recount Means and Where the Polls Went Wrong

In this episode we discuss what really happens during a recount, and then try to give at least some explanation for what happened with political polling this year and why very few were predicting a victory for Donald Trump.

Segment #1 – Recounts

  • What does a recount mean?
  • What does the process look like?
  • What is unique about these recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?

Segment #2 What Went Wrong With The Polls?

  • Where were the polls wrong? Why were they wrong?
  • Was the problem more with the idea of modeling/forecasting, rather than the polling itself?

Segment #3 How to Fix The Polls

  • What is the solution?
  • How much longer will telephone-only surveys be viable?
  • Recap the issues with online sample/panels?

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