Minimum Wage / Amendment 70 Voter Opinion Survey Nov. 4th

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Colorado Minimum Wage / Amendment 70 Survey Results

Magellan Strategies has released the results of a live landline and cell phone survey of 500 likely 2016 general election voters in Colorado. The interviews were conducted November 1st and 2nd, 2016. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.38% at the 95 percent confidence interval.

Survey Findings

The survey finds a majority of likely voters’ support Amendment 70, which would gradually raise the minimum wage in Colorado to $12 an hour by 2020. Among all respondents, 54% intend to vote yes and approve the amendment, 43% intend to vote no and reject it and 3% are undecided.

“Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution increasing the minimum wage to nine dollars and thirty cents per hour ($9.30) with annual increases of ninety cents ($0.90) each January 1 until it reaches twelve dollars per hour ($12.00) effective January 2020, and annually adjusting it thereafter for cost-of-living increases?”

Amendment 70 Ballot Test Results by Voter Subgroup


These results are consistent with our survey in late August, and from years of measuring voter support for minimum wage increases in the state. A significant majority of Democrats have always been strong supporters of a minimum wage increase, and a nearly similar percentage of Republicans have opposed an increase. A smaller majority of unaffiliated voters have supported an increase as well. We believe the big difference in getting Amendment 70 passed is the gradual approach and $12 limit. We believe it is priced low enough to gain majority support, and any kind of decrease in Republican turnout will help Amendment 70 to pass on Tuesday.

Survey Weighting Decisions

Our survey weighting decisions take into account the age, gender, and party turnout demographics of the 2012 Presidential election in Colorado and the demographics of current returned ballot data.

Survey Sample

The survey sample was randomly drawn from a Colorado voter file among households containing at least one registered voter. This survey topline and crosstab results are included in this document. Any questions regarding this survey or our methodology should be directed to David Flaherty. He can be reached at 303-861-8585 or by email at

Survey Commissioned By

This survey and the Amendment 70 ballot question was not commissioned or paid for by any issue committee, campaign, individual, or independent expenditure group.

About Magellan Strategies

Magellan Strategies offers a wide array of services to candidate campaigns, ballot issue campaigns, government relations firms, trade associations and local and county governments. Our services include polling, survey research, focus groups, voter data mining, voter data analysis and campaign consulting and management. Our offices are located in Louisville, Colorado. To learn more about our company please visit or call 303-861-8585.

Download Survey Summary, Toplines and Tabs
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