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Campaign Consulting

The methods of communicating and persuading voters to support a candidate or ballot issue has changed lot over the last 15 years. Yet the fundamental components of an effective and successful campaign that can only be learned from experience can’t be ignored. Those things are what you can expect from working with the partners of Magellan Strategies. Our formula for a winning campaign is straight forward.

  • Begin every campaign with survey research to measure and understand voter opinion.
  • Compile historical voter data, election return data and predictive modeling data to segment and understand the registered and likely voter universe.
  • Use survey research to develop, test and prioritize effective messaging.
  • Execute the communications plan by designing and producing the best palm cards, door hangers, direct mail, radio, television and digital advertisements possible.
  • Compile and analyze returned ballot and early voting data to make allocation decisions.
  • Consistently measure, understand and track voter opinion up to Election Day.

While we do our polling & survey research, voter data analysis and predictive modeling in-house, we have business partnerships with the best and most trusted vendors in the campaign industry for:

  • Facebook/Google/Digital Strategy
  • Direct Mail
  • Yard Signs
  • Door Hangers
  • TV and Radio Production
  • Door-to-door canvasing and grassroots
  • Automated Calls

The Magellan Strategies team has been managing and consulting candidate and ballot initiative campaigns in Colorado since 2007, and founder David Flaherty has been working on and consulting campaigns across the country since 1992.

Contact us today to discuss our team consulting or managing your campaign or ballot initiative. 

Our Winning Track Record in Colorado

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“Smart, accurate and responsive. Three words that describe David Flaherty and the Magellan Strategies team. In the data driven campaign world, David and Magellan have risen to the top. Experienced and professional, David and his team have become an invaluable resource for our team. Their survey research, insightful data analysis strategy and strategy recommendations have helped us make important decisions across many campaigns. The Magellan team sets a high standard for performance and responsiveness. We look forward to their help in the campaigns ahead.”
Walt Klein, CEO, Walt Klein Advertising

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