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Colorado Springs, Ballot Issue 2C, 2015

Magellan Strategies worked closely with Mayor John Suthers testing different options to increase revenues to address the dire need for road repairs in the city. First and foremost, we needed to understand if the fiscally conservative voters of Colorado Springs had a strong enough desire to fix the roads to justify an increase to the sales tax, our research indicated that was definitely the case. Other aspects of the tax increase that were very attractive to voters were the automatic sunset of the tax in 5 years, and that the money could only be used for road repairs and nothing else. The final ballot measure we came up with earmarked funds directly to road repairs and included an automatic sunset provision. Our final tracking surveys showed 64% of likely voters supporting ballot Issue 2C, 31% opposing it and 5% being undecided. The actual results were 65.5% supporting the ballot measure and 34.4% opposing it. The reason our firm was the right partner for this research project is our years of constantly surveying conservative Republican primary and general election voters.

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