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Town of Eagle, Eagle River Station Election, January 2010

The election asked voters to approve a 550,000 square foot mixed-use commercial and residential development. Our team was the general consultant to the “no” side in this campaign. Our survey research was key to understanding voter opinion and determining our messaging. Our campaign hammered home the point that if the Eagle River Station development was approved, the unique and fragile way of life in Eagle would change forever. The bottom line was our research taught us that residents of Eagle lived there for very clear reasons. We discovered that despite not being able to have everything they wanted 10 minutes away at a Wal-Mart, the desire to keep Eagle a small mountain town culture was very important to them.

We made a strategic decision to make this election about Eagle’s way of life, and narrowly won a very tight election. Out of 2,194 votes cast among 3,585 voters 1,175 voted against the project and 1,109 voted for it, for a win margin of only 66 votes. We believe that election was won because of our survey research, impactful and relevant direct mail and a strong grassroots base of supporters to execute voter contact programs.

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