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Polling & Survey Research

Magellan Strategies has been conducting voter opinion polling and survey research projects since 2006 in nearly every state in the country. If you or your organization are interested in measuring and understanding voter opinion of a political candidate, issue or public policy then conducting a survey is the first step in the right direction.

Investing in a survey, or continuous survey research, is a smart decision for any organization because decision makers need to know what voters think and why. Voter polling and survey research is not just about keeping track of who is winning and losing, or if a majority support or oppose and issue, it’s about knowing why voters think and view the world the way they do. Those are the reasons why good survey research is so powerful, and why you and your organization need it. Don’t guess what voters think or believe, invest in a poll or survey and know what voters think and believe.

Magellan Strategies offers the following polling and survey research services and interview methods.

  • Live interviewer landline and cell phone surveys
  • Automated voice recorded surveys
  • Hybrid, automated and cell phone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • In-person focus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • Online chat room and discussion board focus groups
  • Online communities and journaling projects
“David Flaherty and Magellan Strategies have developed a reliable and accurate methodology for survey research that I have greatly relied upon during several political projects. David and his team expeditiously respond to requests and give you the data needed to make decisions. The scope of Magellan’s work is national, but I am grateful their operations are based here in Colorado, which has been and always will be a major battleground in any given election cycle.”
Dick Wadhams, Political Consultant and Former Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee
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