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Many research projects are not complete without a qualitative component. Focus groups and online communities generate insights and information that quantitative research can not capture. Qualitative research provides the WHY rather than the WHAT. If your mission is to understand why voters feel they way the do about an issue, candidate, or public policy then focus groups are a must to get the full picture. The same holds true for trade associations and public or government affairs firms trying to understand particular constituencies, and general public opinion.

In-Person Focus Groups

Focus group analysis can be challenging, and we pride ourselves on delivering research that clients can use. The Magellan Strategies team has extensive experience conducting in-person focus groups. We have two professionally trained moderators on staff. We handle the writing of the focus group discussion guide, scheduling the focus group facility, and recruiting participants.

Online Focus Group Research

Magellan Strategies values on-line qualitative research because it is a powerful research method generating more insights than an in-person focus group. It is also very convenient for clients to log into the session and observe from any location.