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We offer a full range of live quantitative research instruments including benchmark, brushfire, and tracking surveys serving political organizations, trade associations, and government or public affairs firms. To ensure a research project has complete coverage of all individuals within a population, Magellan provides a dual-frame sample approach that includes landline and cell phone only households, as well as automated voice- recorded surveys. In addition to live interview phone surveys, we provide online survey research methods that reach respondents on tablet and mobile devices. Magellan also offers bilingual interviewing services to reach Spanish speaking only households.

Political Survey Research

Magellan Strategies has fielded thousands of benchmark, brushfire, and tracking surveys for political candidates and organizations. We maintain our own 190 million voter registration database using a data-driven approach to survey sample and survey quotas.

Government and Public Affairs Research

If your mission is to influence decision makers in government or the general public survey, research is fundamental to making that happen. We construct surveys measuring public opinion and taxpayers so our clients can have a bigger impact reaching their communication and overall goals.