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Voter Data and Analysis

Every product and service Magellan Strategies offers is built on our decades of experience working with and analyzing political data. Political data is the foundation everything we do, but more importantly, we know how to use the data to help our clients make better decisions and generate relevant information so they have a competitive advantage in the political arena.

National Voter Registration Database of 190 Million Voters

Our in-house national voter registration database empowers us to work with candidates and political organizations anywhere in the country. We use the voter registration data for an array of political analysis projects, predictive data modeling, survey sample, and survey quotas. Our national voter file is updated on a regular basis, in some states monthly.

National Precinct Election Return Database

Precinct level election return data is incredibly helpful for political analysis, predictive modeling, and survey research projects, especially in states that do not register voters by party. This dataset helps our clients be more efficient in their ground operations and voter contact programs. Mapping the data is also very helpful for decision makers to understand past political performance in local areas.

Current and Historical Polling and Modeling Data

Magellan Strategies has historical benchmark, voter id, and predictive modeling survey data on more than one million registered voters across the country. We use this data to bring value to our clients who want to utilize data for their campaign from the beginning.  This gives them a competitive edge on their opponent because they know what voters to contact at the start of the campaign.

“When it comes to voter data analysis, Magellan Strategies is one of the best. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive. The firm’s seasoned team is quickly and effectively able to leverage their proprietary national database to address complex voter identification needs.”
Paul Hanley, Senior Vice President, George K. Baum & Company

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