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Target Voters Based on Issues They Care About

After helping your candidate officially kick off the campaign, you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. You know that independent voters are going to make up 40% of the vote in your district on Election Day. But you have no idea how to reach out to them. You’re having a hard time targeting voters based on issues and values they care about, and your methods are likely inefficient. You don’t know who leans Democrat and who leans Republican.

You need to know what issues and messages would persuade these voters to support your candidate, and you need to know soon.

Conducting a poll would help, but it would not be enough. Your candidate is excited to start walking door-to-door, and wants to know, down to the individual voter, who could be persuaded and who would never consider voting for the Republican candidate. You realize there is only one approach that would get the job done, and only one firm who can meet your candidate’s specific needs. You need predictive voter modeling. 

You need Magellan Strategies.

Voter Modeling & Targeting

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Predictive Voter Modeling

Magellan Strategies has been building predictive voter models since 2009. We have successfully managed voter modeling projects in more than 20 states for Republican candidates and campaign organizations. Voter modeling will give your campaign a competitive edge over your opponent. It will help you target voters with a much higher precision, and will significantly improve your campaign’s paid and unpaid voter contact efforts. Voter modeling empowers you to target votes beyond the information on a typical voter file.

Here is our voter modeling project experience by state and election cycle:

  • Arizona 2012
  • Colorado 2010, 2012, 2014
  • Florida 2010, 2012
  • Illinois 2010, 2012
  • Indiana 2012
  • Kentucky 2010, 2014
  • Louisiana 2013
  • Montana 2010
  • New Mexico 2018
  • Pennsylvania, 2010, 2016


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You want to know exactly what voters care about without wasting money contacting voters that will never support your candidate. If your goal is to win the election, voter modeling will provide your campaign with a distinct competitive advantage, and even more so if you choose to work with Magellan Strategies.


To empower your political campaign with predictive voter modeling, call or send us an email right now. We can tailor the project to meet your needs specifically, and we are confident that voter modeling will make your campaign more efficient, more effective, and will put you in the best position to win on Election Day.


(303) 861-8585

(303) 861-8585

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