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Voter Opinion Polling for Ballot Initiatives, Referendums and Tax Questions

You just finished a budget meeting with the City Manager, and the news is not good. You learned that there would not be enough funding to address the rising cost of repairing your city’s roads after a very nasty winter. On top of that, the widening of a major city road from two lanes to three is going to cost $82 million.

Right now, the only way to pay for the project is to make deep cuts to the police and fire department budgets. That would be a political nightmare.

Deep down you know that the only way to pay for it all is to ask voters to approve a sales tax increase.

You have no idea if voters will approve or reject sales tax increase, but you the first step is to field a voter opinion survey. You need someone you can trust, who has solved problems exactly like this one for local governments around the country.

You need Magellan Strategies.

Colorado Voter Opinion Polling

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Know if Your Ballot Initiative Will be Approved or Rejected

In order to know if your ballot initiative will be approved or rejected you need to field an accurate survey of likely voters. Magellan Strategies can manage your research project properly, so it is statistically sound and representative of the likely voting population. Our team can help you understand:

  • Voter awareness and intensity about the problem you need addressed (roads, school construction, etc.)
  • Voter support and opposition for your ballot initiative or revenue ask
  • Determine the amount of funding voters are willing to approve
  • What information or messaging is persuasive in building support for the ballot initiative

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Tax Increase on the Ballot

Our Winning Track Record Speaks for Itself

Magellan Strategies has the experience and a solid track record of getting it right. The following are some of our successful polling projects for ballot initiatives and issue campaigns.

Steamboat Springs, Referendum 2B, 2011

Client: Yampa Valley Regional Airport, Steamboat Spring Chamber of Commerce

Final Survey Results: 55% support, 30% opposing and 15% being undecided.

Actual Results: 61% support, 39% opposing it.

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Eagle Colorado Referendum

Eagle River Station Development, Eagle, Colorado 2010 and 2012

Client: Diamond Star Ranch and Eagle residents

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Colorado Springs Ballot Issue

Colorado Springs, Ballot Issue 2C, 2015

The Client: Mayor John Suthers

Final Survey Results: 64% of likely voters in support of Ballot Issue 2C, 31% opposing it and 5% undecided.

Actual Results: 65.5% supporting Ballot Issue 2C and 34.4% opposing it.

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Gunnison Valley Ballot Issue

Gunnison Valley RTA, Ballot Issue 5A, 2015

Client: Gunnison Valley Rural Transit Authority

Final Survey Results: 52% support, 43% opposing

Actual Results: 51.7% support, 48.3% oppose

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Why You Need Magellan Strategies on Your Team

You can’t afford to guess how voters feel about a revenue increase. You need to know. That’s why we’re here. Send us an email or give us a call right now to start talking to a professional, experienced pollster at Magellan Strategies about what you have in mind. You will be glad you did!


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