Want to Court the Unaffiliated Colorado Female Voter? The Official Guide is Here!

With the Republican Convention in full swing and the Democratic Convention on the horizon, political advertisements will soon be unleashed in full force. Anywhere you might be influenced, you can guarantee that candidates will  seek to influence your vote.  Their appeals and advertisements will vary from encouragement to vote, to amazing candidate biographies to stances [...]

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Democrats Outpace Republicans by 11,000 Among New Registrants in Colorado

From November of 2006 to November of 2008, the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party and Democrat-leaning organizations executed a voter registration drive that yielded huge gains for Democratic registration in Colorado. With 60 field offices, nearly unlimited financial resources, a once-in-a-lifetime candidate and the perfect anti-Republican environment, 151,310 Democrats were added to voter rolls. Unaffiliated [...]

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