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Walt Klein Advertising
Smart, accurate and responsive. Three words that describe David Flaherty and the Magellan Strategies team. In the data driven campaign world, David and Magellan have risen to the top. Experienced and professional, David and his team have become an invaluable resource for our team. Their survey research, insightful data analysis strategy and strategy recommendations have helped us make important decisions across many campaigns. The Magellan team sets a high standard for performance and responsiveness. We look forward to their help in the campaigns ahead.
Walt Klein, CEO, Walt Klein Advertising

Agenda Global
Magellan Strategies is the firm that we turn to for live and automated survey research, precinct level voter targeting and mapping. David Flaherty and his team rock. They understand what information we need to make the best decisions in our initiatives and they move fast. I highly recommend Magellan to anyone who works in Republican politics.
Doug Turner, Partner, Agenda Global

Cold Spark Media
I have known David Flaherty and the Magellan team for a long time and they are the first firm I turn to when it comes to voter data management and analysis. They do great work and provide information that allows me to make better campaign decisions. They have a wide array of data, analytic and mapping services that you can’t find anywhere else. I would highly recommend them to any campaign or political organization for voter analysis, data management and survey research.
Mark Harris, Partner, Cold Spark Media

The New Prosperity Foundation
The value of the modeling and microtargeting services provided by Magellan was a big part of our success in 2010. The attention to detail, training and cutting-edge technologies allowed our team to make informed decisions resulting in cost-efficient targeted voter outreach, persuasion and turnout.
Chris Dudley, The New Prosperity Foundation

George K. Baum & Co.
When it comes to voter data analysis, Magellan Strategies is one of the best. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive. The firm’s seasoned team is quickly and effectively able to leverage their proprietary national database to address complex voter identification needs.
Paul Hanley, Senior Vice President, George K. Baum & Company

For lists, mapping and polling services, Spectrum puts Magellan Strategies at the top of the list. Good, solid data and fast turn times. They are an essential partner in helping our clients succeed.
Chuck McGee, Spectrum Marketing Companies
CAP Public Affairs
Magellan’s survey research and data processing services have been invaluable to me and the campaigns on which I’ve worked. They not only provide reliable and accurate products and services, but their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend the Magellan team to any campaign across the country.
Alan Philp, Partner, CAP Public Affairs

Colorado Women's Alliance
I have worked with David Flaherty and the Magellan Strategies team since 2007 and I’m convinced they are one of the most innovative and impressive research companies around. They do it all, both quantitative and qualitative research driven by experience and data. They are my go-to firm for focus group research and measuring public opinion. They are insightful partners with any project and generate relevant insights and information to enable better data-driven decision making. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to field a survey or conduct a focus group.
Debbie Brown, Executive Director, Colorado Women's Alliance

Americans for Prosperity
Magellan has been a trusted partner throughout the years. We have used many of their services because their quality is outstanding and their customer service is great. We’ve used their polling capabilities quite often and have found them to be highly accurate and useful.
Jeff Crank, Former COO and Colorado State Director, Americans for Prosperity

Joshua Tree Group
I have known and worked with David Flaherty and Magellan Strategies for a long time, and there is nobody better that understands how to use voter data on a national scale in politics and public affairs. Their commitment to data-driven decision-making services in unmatched. It’s simply impressive crazy that they maintain their own national voter file of 185 million records just so they can have political data and information for any region of the country at their fingertips. I highly recommend them to our clients.
Jack St. Martin, Joshua Tree Group

Colorado Republican Committee
David Flaherty and Magellan Strategies have developed a reliable and accurate methodology for survey research that I have greatly relied upon during several political projects. David and his team expeditiously respond to requests and give you the data needed to make decisions. The scope of Magellan’s work is national, but I am grateful their operations are based here in Colorado, which has been and always will be a major battleground in any given election cycle.
Dick Wadhams, Political Consultant and Former Chairman, Colorado Republican Committee