Episode 10: Reviewing Voter Registration & Voter Turnout Trends in Colorado

In this episode, we discuss the evolving Democrat strategy to stop the Trump Administration’s agenda.

Segment #1 – Voter Registration Trends in Colorado

  • From December 1st, 2015 to December 1st 2016, voter registration increased by 324,153.
  • Among those registered voters, 40% identified as Democrat, 28% as unaffiliated, 26% as Republican and 6% with a minor party.
  • Millennials, or voters that are 18 to 34 years old, make up 31% of all registered voters in Colorado. They are the largest voting block by age.
  • Voters identifying as Republican continues decline in comparison to Democrat and unaffiliated registration.

Segment #2 – 2016 Voter Turnout in Colorado

  • For the first time ever in Colorado, unaffiliated and “other party” voters made up a larger part of voter turnout than the Democrat and Republican parties.
  • The Republican turnout advantage over Democrats declined by from 45,543 in 2012 to 19,020 in 2016, a drop of 26,523 voters.
  • Turnout as a percentage of all registered (active and inactive) voters in increased by 3 points compared to 2012, going from 71% to 74%.
  • 81% of registered Republicans and 78% of registered Democrats turned out to vote, and increase of 4 points from 2012 for both parties. 66% of unaffiliated voters turned out, and increase of 3 points from 2012.
  • 16% of inactive voters turned out to vote in 2016.
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