Healthier Colorado Health Care Policy Voter Opinion Survey

Healthier Colorado Survey of Likely 2018 Colorado Voters

Today a survey of 600 likely Colorado voters was released by Healthier Colorado, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to raising the voices of Coloradans in the public policy process to improve the health of our state’s residents. The survey was jointly conducted by Magellan Strategies and Keating Research. This telephone survey was fielded from September 18th to 20th, 2018. The interviews were a sample mix of 60% cell phone and 40% landline phone numbers. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.00% at the 95 percent confidence level. The results were slightly weighted to reflect past voter turnout demographics in Colorado for a non-presidential election.

Strong Voter Support for Healthier Colorado Policies and Proposals

While voters debate the outcome of Colorado’s gubernatorial race, there is no debate that a strong majority of Colorado voters support the key health policies tested in this poll, including majorities of voters who support Walker Stapleton and majorities of voters who support Jared Polis. The survey finds strong support among likely voters for Healthier Colorado’s endorsed legislative policies and issue proposals, including:

  • The “Red Flag” law, which would allow a judge to take guns temporarily from someone who is determined to be a significant risk to themselves or others, based on evidence presented to the judge. – 76% support, 34% strongly support
  • Increasing the purchase age of tobacco to 21 years so it is the same as alcohol and marijuana. 76% support, 45% strongly support. And, increasing the tax on e-cigarettes and nicotine vaping products so they are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes and other tobacco products. – 73% support, 45% strongly support
  • Allowing people with limited or expensive health insurance options to purchase a health insurance plan from the state Medicaid program. – 75% support, 34% strongly support
  • The Colorado Attorney General’s recent lawsuit against a prescription opioid manufacturing company for misleading health care providers and consumers about the risks of opioids. – 70% support, 28% strongly support
  • The survey also included a question measuring voter opinion in the governor’s race. Currently Jared Polis leads Walker Stapleton by seven points (47% Polis – 40% Stapleton). Jared Polis’ lead is driven by his 18-point lead among unaffiliated voters (46% Polis – 28% Stapleton) and his 17 point lead among women voters (52% Polis – 35% Stapleton).

For questions regarding the survey subject matter, please contact Amy Fletcher of Healthier Colorado at (720) 460-0276, or by email at For questions regarding the survey methodology, please contact David Flaherty at 303-861-8585 or by email at

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