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Town of Vail Affordable Housing Ballot Measure 2021

Affordable housing in resort towns has reached a crisis – where are the workers and those who cannot afford $1 million homes supposed to live? Helping the Town of Vail understand how successful they would be with likely voters on a ballot measure to raise the sales tax to fund affordable housing for the community was one of our 11 success stories in 2021.  If you are interested in a similar ballot measure for your community, we can work with you before the next election to design the appropriate strategy. Let us help you with your affordable housing strategy for your community.

Town of Monument Public Safety Ballot Measure 2021

After a public safety ballot measure failed in 2019, the Town of Monument hired Magellan Strategies to do a comprehensive ballot measure survey to measure and understand what voters would support in a public safety ballot measure.  Our survey told the Police Chief’s story of what the Police Department needed, and more importantly, how the money would be spent. Take a closer look to see how well our survey forecasted voter approval on Election Day. 

Town of Monument police funding survey information

Mesa County Valley School District 51 Ballot Measure 2021

Is your school district in dire need of funding?  Is your infrastructure in dire need of repairs or upgrades? Take a closer look at how we helped Mesa County Valley School District 51 with a survey to learn from and build off a failure in 2019 to secure a much-needed win in 2021! Contact us today to see how we can help your school district’s families, children, and teachers.

City of Lafayette Public Safety Ballot Measure Survey 2021

Mental health needs are now at the forefront of a call into first responders. When someone is in crisis, we all want to make sure the proper response is there when it is needed.  The City of Lafayette knew this and wanted to ensure they would have the capabilities and resources available for first responders during emergencies. Please look to see how we helped; we are here to help you make the right choices for your community.

Colorado Springs Road & Stormwater Ballot Measure Survey 2015

Infrastructure – roads, sewers, bridges – it is aging and deteriorating all over Colorado. As cities and towns deal with population growth, nothing can be more important than our roads to lead us away from wildfires and help public safety personnel reach us in an emergency. But how do you ask the community to support tax increases and other fees to support road and stormwater projects? Read here to find out what can be achieved!

Vail Recreation District Ballot Measure Survey 2017

What is the state of your Recreation District?  Do you have old and outdated buildings, or do you want a new pool or senior center?  Learn how we helped the Town of Vail with a 1 mill property tax increase – not an easy measure to pass – to secure the funding they needed to make the improvements and repairs to the Vail Recreation District facilities. With a proper survey and the right strategy to educate and inform voters, we can help you too with your needs.

Colorado Dept. of Transportation Passenger Rail Survey 2019

Traffic on Interstate-25 is the worst – we all know it. But what is being done about it? Fewer toll lanes? Public bus transit? In 2019, together with our teaming partner, RBI Strategies, we helped the Colorado Department of Transportation understand the feasibility of passenger rail services as a possible solution to alleviate congestion on I-25. Helping government agencies, large and small, across Colorado is our business. Contact us today to see how we can help you understand what the public wants so you can make the most of your budget and resources. A solid survey can help you plan and prepare for the future needs of the community.

CO Consumer Health Initiative Prescription Drug Affordability Board Survey

Think your prescription drugs cost too much? See how we helped the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative survey the public to on their support for a proposal that would create a state board of appointed healthcare experts who would analyze and act to lower the price of certain prescription drugs.  The new state board would be known as the Prescription Drug Affordability Board, PDAB. No survey is too big or too small for Magellan Strategies, and even if we are engaging Coloradans statewide or just within one special district in a municipality, we apply the same rigor, effort, and quality control to ensure we provide our customers with the best data to make informed decisions.

City of Loveland Housing Authority Survey 2020

Are you having trouble garnering support in your community for affordable housing initiatives? A lack of affordable housing across Colorado is a problem, but it is one that must be solved creatively and in concert with the views and desires of the residents of your specific community. Read about our success with the Town of Loveland and how we helped them gain public support for their programs.  We are here to help!

City of Castle Pines Home Rule Survey 2018

Home Rule is a decision that many Colorado cities and towns have wrestled with over the years, and we have been there to help communities and their governments make the decisions that are best for them.  Interested in proposing a Home Rule ballot measure for the voters in your community? Give us a call, we’ve helped Castle Pines, and we can help you too.

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Ballot Measure Survey 2018

Sometimes a county, city, or town may lose funding for important initiatives, programs, or other services that are still vital for your community. What will you do if this happens to your municipality? Just ask the voters to raise taxes? Sometimes asking voters for a tax increase in less austere times, like now, is not that simple. Take a look at how we helped Greater Eagle with this very problem. In 2018 we helped them regain funding for public safety; let us help you in 2022.

Colorado Health Foundation COVID Survey 2020

With the omicron variant now in the US, specifically documented in Colorado, see how we helped the organizations Healthier Colorado and the Colorado Health Foundation to gauge public opinion on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We do more than provide voter opinion polling and research services to Colorado governments, special districts, and school districts; we help all kinds of different organizations with their various missions. So, if your organization is a small business, a university or college, or any other organization in need of polling services – we can help! Give us a call!  

Gunnison County Library Ballot Measure 2019

Interested in building a new library or creating a new library district? Check out how we helped Gunnison County understand the electorate so they could confidently pursue their ballot measure and reasonably expect to win on Election Day. This is the kind of survey that is extremely helpful in advance of the election to make sure the messaging and campaign lead to victory. Give us a call to see how we can help you.