The Power, Reach, and Flexibility of
MMS Text Survey Data Collection

MMS Text Survey Data Collection is Revolutionary

The power, reach, and flexibility of MMS text survey data collection has revolutionized quantitative opinion research. This data collection method has significant advantages over telephone and mail survey data collection methods.  

  • Respondent Engagement – People from different demographic, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to participate in a survey when the MMS text invitation has an authoritative logo or image. Simply put, response rates are higher from an MMS text survey data collection compared to live telephone data collection.


  • Stronger Penetration of the Population we are Interviewing – On average, our cell phone coverage of a resident or voter population in Colorado is about 50%, sometimes higher after matching cell phones to a sample file. In addition, because respondent engagement is stronger with MMS text invitations, this allows us to complete more interviews resulting in a more accurate and statistically representative survey.


  • Lower Survey Data Collection Costs – The cost to send an MMS text survey invitation is significantly less than paying a call center $40 to $60 for a single cell phone interview. This allows us to pass those savings on to our clients.


  • Online Surveys Allow for More Questions – It takes less time for a respondent to read and answer questions on a cellphone or electronic device than listening to an interviewer read questions and wait for a response. However, online respondents can experience question fatigue, just not as severely as a phone respondent.


  • A Professional and Trustworthy Communication – An MMS text survey invitation with an organization’s logo is a professional, welcoming communication that is well received by respondents and increases survey participation and engagement.