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School District
Community Surveys

Now more than ever, it's important our school districts educate and inform student parents and non-parents about their goals, objectives, and challenges of providing a good education. Our Education Community survey helps school districts achieve that objective and reach the 70% of residents that do not have a student in the system.

School District Ballot Measure Surveys

Sooner or later, every school district in Colorado needs to ask their voters to approve a ballot measure funding education programing, operations, and capital projects. Our ballot measure surveys will help your school district tell your story to voters, and put your ballot measure in the best possible position to win.

Education Policy Surveys

Declining student enrollment, learning loss, school consolidation and closures, Career and Technical Education programing, teacher retention, Early Childhood Development. These are just some of the issues facing Colorado's professional educators that we learn about attending CASB, CASE, and COSPRA conferences. Hire our team to manage a professional survey measuring opinion's of these critical issues.

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The Magellan School District Community Survey

Most Colorado school districts do a wonderful job of surveying student parents about a wide array of issues. However, on average, 70% of the households in a Colorado school district do not have a student attending a public school. These individuals are much less likely to be familiar with their local school district’s priorities, programming, or student achievements. They don’t know about the great work their teachers and staff are doing. Unfortunately, they are more likely to have an unfavorable opinion of their local school district based on misinformation and outright lies. 

The Magellan School District Community Survey helps address this problem. Our surveys, on average, will engage 50% of the adult population. Our School District Community Survey is an effective communication tool that empowers school districts to set the record straight and tell their stories to the communities they serve. In addition, it will strengthen the School District’s image rating, job approval, and the impression the School District spends taxpayer money wisely. 

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Example School District Community Survey
View and download our example school district community survey questionnaire.
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School District Ballot Measure Surveys

Magellan Strategies has been managing accurate and reliable ballot measure surveys since 2007. However, in the past few years, we have focused on helping Colorado school districts secure dedicated funding sources for education programming, teacher salaries, and capital building projects. Our experience and success in the 2022 election cycle speaks for itself.  

Example School District Ballot Measure Survey Presentation
View our 2022 ballot measure survey presentation for 27J Schools.
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