Magellan Strategies is your trusted survey research partner, ready to help your School District measure and understand opinions of the communities you serve.

Choose an opinion research partner that amplifies your voice, sharpens your insights, and empowers your educational mission. Magellan Strategies is not just a survey research firm; we are a strategic ally in your quest to educate every member of your community. Because when it comes to shaping the School District’s future, every opinion counts.

Example School District Surveys

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In an education landscape where over 13,000 school districts strive for excellence in the United States, knowing the pulse of public opinion is crucial. Educators and school board members are navigating an increasingly complex environment, and the understanding of public sentiment on student programs and educational initiatives is vital. With a commitment to excellence and decades of experience, Magellan Strategies is your trusted survey research partner, ready to help your school district measure and understand the communities you serve.

Magellan Opinion Survey Features & Benefits

Customized Surveys for Diverse & Unique School District Landscapes

Now is the time to discover what your community, parents and non-parents, truly value and know about their local school districts. From evaluating the awareness of school curriculum to measuring understanding of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, our engaging, in-depth surveys delve deep to bring you the insights you need to make decisions and reduce perception “blind spots.”

Recognizing the diversity in school district educational environments, from bustling urban centers to tight-knit, rural communities, we shun one-size-fits-all questionnaire design. Our surveys are not just adaptable; they reflect your district’s unique story, fully customizable to align with your specific challenges and budget limitations.

Fifty-eight percent of the residents in your school district approve of the job your school district is doing in educating students. However, just 42% think your school district spends taxpayer money wisely. Are these opinion measurements aligned to the statewide average, or are they better or worse? We can answer those questions by comparing your results to our historical database of school district surveys.

Are the achievements and values of your school district fully appreciated? Are the successes of your teachers and students recognized? Is it time to dispel myths and counteract misinformation about your school district? Our comprehensive, in-depth survey data empowers your communications team to craft strategies that resonate and inform student parents and non-parents.

While many school districts excel at engaging parents, there’s a broader community conversation to be part of. Our sophisticated data collection, featuring inviting MMS texts and an enhanced voter database, extends your reach to the 70% of residents without school-aged children, fostering a more informed and supportive community.

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