Public Opinion Polling & Survey Research for

Governments, School Districts, Special Districts, & Public Policy Organizations

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We provide professional, accurate, statistically representative opinion polling services to governments. Our resident surveys, community surveys, and ballot measure surveys will help your government organization better understand the communities you serve.

Unfortunately, School Districts have become political battlegrounds. Now more than ever, they need to tell their side of the story to student parents and non-parents. Our public opinion polling services will help your school district achieve that goal and maintain a positive job approval and image rating.  

Special Districts need to know if they are meeting the needs and expectations of their residents. Sometimes special districts need resident approval for new or additional district funding. Our special district resident survey and ballot measure survey services will meet those needs and exceed your expectations.    

Your public policy organization has the goal of influencing policy-makers, the media, elected officials, and the general public. Working with Magellan Strategies will ensure your polling project gets the attention and respect it needs among all your target audiences. 

In-Depth Community Surveys, Accurate Ballot Measure Surveys, Informative Local Issue Surveys

School District Community Surveys, Education Funding Ballot Measure Surveys, Education Policy Surveys

Accurate and Reliable Ballot Measure Surveys for Special Districts