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Special District Ballot Measure Surveys

If you manage or represent a Special District, it is only a matter of time before you need to place a ballot measure before your voters to secure additional funding for capital projects and operation needs. Our team has been managing accurate and reliable Special District ballot measure surveys since 2007. However, there is a lot more to a ballot measure survey than what percentage of voters will approve it. A ballot measure survey is an opportunity for your Special District to educate and inform voters why new revenue is needed and how it will be spent.

Special District Resident Surveys

A professional survey of your Special District's residents and voters is a smart investment. If you manage or represent a Metro District, you need to know if your spending priorities are in alignment with the community you serve. If you manage or represent a Fire, Recreation, Library, or Water District a survey of your residents, customers, or voters is a smart decision.

Special District Ballot Measure Survey Experts

Colorado Special Districts serve a wide array of community needs, purposes, and come in every shape and size. Regardless of your Special District’s purpose and mission, at some point  you will need additional funding. You will need to pay for rising maintenance and equipment costs, attract and retain qualified personnel, or issue bonds for capital projects. 

Since 2007, our team has managed voter opinion surveys for every kind of ballot measure imaginable, including the most complex ballot measure in the history of Colorado, Proposition HH

In addition, we have managed ballot measure survey projects measuring voter support and opposition for “de-Gallagher,” freezing property rates, expanding the allowed uses for a certain revenue stream, and Fire District consolidation plans. All of that is in addition to the typical sales or property tax ballot measure. 

However, many of our satisfied Special District clients did not realize our ballot measure surveys are a very effective communication tool.

The survey tells the Special District’s story about why additional revenue is needed and how it will be spent. Strong voter awareness and education is half the battle in achieving voter approval. Trust us, we have been doing ballot measure surveys for a long time.  

Example Fire District Survey Questionnaire
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Example Fire District Survey Presentation
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